Conferences, Seminars and Events at Seoul Motor Show 2015

'Car is Art' International Conference
An international conference focusing on the changing perception of cars as merely a mode of transportation to an artistic creation that reflects design, performance and life style
Period: 07.04.2015 - 08.04.2015: 14.00 - 17.30
Venue: Grand Ballroom (3F), KINTEX I

'Car Meets Information Technology (IT)' Seminar 
A seminar involving information about advanced IT technology development including automated driving and user interface, and suggestions about the development direction of future.
Period: 09.04.2015: 14.00 - 17.30
Venue: Room 210, KINTEX I

Business Meetings
Trade meetings for OEMs and suppliers from abroad to provide business opportunities to participants.
Period: 06.04.2015 - 09.04.2015
Venue: Room 212A, KINTEX I

Driving Experience (Hall 7,KINTEX II)
An opportunity for visitors to experience future car technology such as eco-cars and ITS tech cars.

Eco-car test ride
Period: 03.04.2015 - 08.04.2015: 11.00 - 16.30

ITS test ride
Period: 06.04.2015 - 10.04.2015: 11.00 - 16.00

Collegian Self-made Car Contest (Hall 7, KINTEX II)
Display of cars created by college students to promote collegiate interest in the design and construction of automobiles

Safe driving Experience Zone (Hall 7, KINTEX II)
Promoting awareness of the dangers of car accidents to encourage pubilc safe driving.
- Kids safe experience zone.

Auto History Video Zone (Hall 7, KINETX II)
Short video clips and a photo zone about the history and development of the Korean auto industry, and displays of Korea's old cars.

'Brilliant Memories' Exhibition (Hall 7, KINTEX II)
A showcasing of various images that evoke a variety of memories associated with cars as functional works of art in our daily lives.

Car and Fashion Convergence Zone (Hall 7, KINTEX II)
An area bringing together the convergence of different styles, where consumer culture and individualism are on display.

Kids Zone (Hall 9, KINTEX II)
Hands-on experience zone where families can spend quality time together.