Conferences, Seminars and Events at Seoul Motor Show 2019


Framework Program


International conferences

Six Korean and foreign speakers will present the imagination and vision of the future of automobiles under the theme of "Thinking Cars and the Future of Innovation.

Period: Apr. 2(Tue) 10:00~ 13:00

Venue: Hall 6 B, C KINTEX II

Organizer: Organizing Committee for Seoul Motor Show


Seminar on the Mobility Revolution and the Automotive Industry

Share the vision and innovation of zhe automotive industry that will be brought about by the mobility revolution such as eco-friendly cars, self-driving cars and connected cars, etc.

Period: Apr. 3(wed) 13:00~ 17:00

Venue: Room 212 & 213A, KINTEX I

Organizer: KAMA, Korea Electronics Association


Self-driving Car Standardization Forum International Standard Seminar

Sharing issues related to standardization of self-driving cars, issues related to standardization, and progress on international standardization

Period: Apr. 1(Mon) 13:30~ 17:30

Venue: Room 211, KINTEX I

Organizer: Korean Agency for Technology and Standards


Smart Road & Smart Vehicle 2019

Future ITS and self-driving cooperation ITS policies, technologies, trends and information exchange

Period: Apr. 4(Thur) 10:00~ 16:30

Venue: Room 211 & 213A, KINTEX I

Organizer: Intelligent Transport Society of Korea


Sustainable Future Energy and Automotive Industry

Suggesting future energy trend and directions of development, looking for ways to build infrastructure

Period: Apr. 5(Thur) 14:00~ 16:40

Venue: Room 211, KINTEX I

Organizer: KAMA


Global Industry Competitiveness Forum

Industry transition, looking for answers in global

Period: Apr. 2(Thur) 13:30~ 17:30

Venue: Room 211, KINTEX I

Organizer: KAMA, Institute for Industry Competitiveness


International Trade & Investment Seminar

Korea-ASEAN Cooperation in Motor Industry

Period: Mar. 29(Fri) 14:00~ 19:00

Venue: Room 211, KINTEX I

Mexico Investment Seminar & B2B Session

Period: Apr. 2(Tue) 10:00~ 17:00

Venue: Room 305, KINTEX I

Organizer: KAMA, Embassy of Mexico


Driving Experience (Outdoor Exhibition)

Eco-friendly Car Test Drive (Hall 9, KINTEX II)

Experience the performnce and technical skills of eco-friendly cars such as EVs, PHEVs, and hydrogen electric cars

Period: Mar. 29(Fri)~ Apr. 7(Sun) 10:30~ 17:00

Self-driving car Test Drive

Experience self-driving cars on the passageway between KINTEX I and KINTEX II

Period: Mar. 29(Fri)~ Apr. 7(Sun) 11:00~ 17:00


Collegian Self-made CarExhibition (Hall 9, KINTEX II)

Exhibition of automotive models created by college students


Car Safety Experience Corner (Hall 9, KINTEX II)

  •  Promoting awareness of car sccidents safe driving and economic driving
  • Safety belt simulator, VR traffic safety experience, child traffic safety program


Car- makers / Hands-on experience for children (Hall 9, KINTEX II)

  • Production of car design using the 3D pen
  • Paper artwork experience to make car model with paper


2019 Software Festival with Robots (KINTEX I)

Robbt production using SW education program and learning experience & Coding education experience intergrated with curriculum 


Drone experience section (KINTEX I)

Controlling and making drones based on the theme of "fusion of car and drone"

Experiencing drone-coding content

Exhibiting new technologies on drones by the drone related companies











Seoul Motor Show 2019 - More than 600,000 visitors came to see the leading event for the South Korean automotive industry.

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